Friday, June 18, 2010

eatin' donuts in heaven

my grandma passed away this week.

she taught me a few things
1. eat well. your daily meals should be planned as followed: breakfast, dessert, snack, lunch, dessert, snack, dinner, dessert, bedtime snack (i don't think she weighed more than 125 lbs her whole life, lucky her)
2. shoefly pie is always an acceptable breakfast
3. be a classy lady
4. you should not ask others to do something you're capable of doing (she mowed her own lawn her entire life, even after being diagnosed with lung cancer)
5. spend one week during the summer at the beach and relax

kitty butner was also the first person to point out my obsession with cheese. as i child, i'd melt cheese slices on a plate, then eat them with a fork. she pointed out that this was not normal behavior. oh, cheese...

i'll never eat a bear claw donut without thinking of her.

at the end of the day, life is short. spend time with people you love. tell them you love them. and eat sweets.


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